Soviet posters

Soviet posters appeared for the first time during the proletarian revolution in Russia - they cried out slogans of the communist party to the masses, called on workers, peasants to fight for freedom and justice. Posters of the USSR considered the most creative ever created. Have a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the cultural heritage. Outstanding [...]

Printing of posters A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

The word «posters» came into english from french, means «afisha». There are many purposes of advertising, informational etc. Formats posters are completely different, and the image is applied to them only from the front side. Main dimensions can be represented in the form of descriptive labels: A3 - two A4 420mm X 297mm A2 594 [...]

Printing of advertising posters. Urgent printing of posters

Despite the fact that the advertising industry annually develops rapidly, something still remains without any significant changes - we are talking about print advertising posters (special interest understandably causes urgent poster printing). Promotional poster is simple, economical and at the same time effective way to convey to potential clients belonging to a specific target audience, [...]

Print posters, leaflets. Interior printing of posters

For any business enterprise, posters are strong assistance of marketing. In addition to visualization of a large image, it's a great medium for introducing products. The interior poster printing eliminates the problems with leaflets, will embody the dreams that will help you choose from the catalogue of innovative solutions to fit their needs. With our [...]

Jokes on canvas with our customers

This can be considered a joke. But remember, every joke has a grain of truth. We offer original solutions in the spirit of the middle ages - decorate the room self portraits, portraits of children, relatives or close people. The originality of this solution consists in time, frozen on these individuals. You can see that [...]

Posters and posters advertising

Typical examples of advertisements are posters and posters. As a General rule, these objects are located in the lobby, on the wall behind the secretary, that is behind the counter. Such location of the advertising organically looks like a simple office and in the hotel or in the cafe. But the design and variant execution [...]