Soviet posters

Soviet posters appeared for the first time during the proletarian revolution in Russia - they cried out slogans of the communist party to the masses, called on workers, peasants to fight for freedom and justice. Posters of the USSR considered the most creative ever created. Have a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the cultural heritage. Outstanding is the phenomenon of soviet posters, which popularize the communism of the soviet people in general. Posters of the soviet era (USSR) was known by everyone in the nation, images knew any citizen, slogan remembered in memory as a constant call to action. During the civil war, propaganda posters of the USSR sent to the front by the bullets of artillery shells. They are placed on the walls, cities were under attack troops. At the bottom contained the disclaimer: "Anyone who disrupts or hides this poster makes counter-revolutionary act." Poster is a powerful weapon, like any other, it should be protected with the utmost care. Posters of the soviet times have changed with the new stage in the history. Social equality, justice were the object of messages to people, healthy lifestyle, patriotism and were highlighted in the cool posters of the USSR. Identity of soviet art invented during the war briefly, expressive and easy. Artists pay attention to human nature, and learned how to convey the individuality of emotions through facial expressions of their characters, making soviet posters more alive. Mobilization was the theme of those years. Announced, art needs to represent a realistic images of soviet life and communist values. Experiments in society over, all forms of expression mobilized to serve the state, strictly controlled propaganda. Propaganda posters appeared everywhere in large numbers and diversity. To quickly turn the USSR into a powerful industrial country, each soviet poster of labour called for a sharp increase in production and mass construction in the country. Posters of the USSR began to dominate, displacing literature and art of this period, highlighting the role of the infallible leader. His image appeared everywhere, in every context, the dead hand of compliance, based on an all-pervasive terror, originality and spontaneity, production art of socialist realism, dominated in the USSR until the death of Stalin. Soviet poster always kept pace with the time. Created to emulate many generations of soviet workers, soldiers, women, and fought for peace in the world. Posters of the USSR - the first one is the most colorful dramatic and original by form propaganda machine, which declared the policy of the government with the purpose of creation of the soviet power. Buy soviet posters USSR could have and look back from that era, will create a chronicle of terms of creation of the soviet posters and its evolution.Soviet, russian poster left in the history of world culture of the great trail. Over the soviet posters worked talented artists, and created a special kind of painting - soviet poster. No matter how excelled modern nihilists, but soviet poster after a moment's forgetfulness, goes back to the forefront of world art. The original look of the soviet poster, identified it among the masses of the poster art of the Western-European countries. His original compositional experiments, sharp text blocks, classic or unusual fonts, bright gamma of colors, geometric shapes or photographic images have made a poster recognizable. And artists working on the soviet poster, attributed to the cohort of the creators of the poster new «structures». Soviet poster informs, educates, advocates, «revolutionary rebuilds» consciousness available and bright artistic means, which were free, as the excesses descriptiveness and bright illustrative. The soviet poster language akin to the language of architectural or book experiments. The poster of the USSR comprised all literary and theatrical innovations, the findings of the cinema of those years for nearly 70 years. Several generations of russian people were brought up on it. And the poster was kind of an agitator for the various activities. During its period of existence posterprinting passed 10 periods magnificenter, and all periods of the skill of the artists had been in continuous growth. Now, when the russian culture is entering a new stage of its development, coming from oblivion, soviet poster again became, in demand, as people of art and lovers of this kind of art form. Today again resumes printing soviet retro poster. Among the companies that are trying to revive the former glory of the soviet poster and our company ST-Dialog. Our modern equipment allows us to convey all the nuances and color findings of soviet artists, which makes for lovers meeting with an old friend - soviet posters. We produce soviet posters on order. 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